Bought the only McLaren I'll ever own in RaceRoom last night and now I just want to drive pretend cars around all day

Is it cheating to sign up for a seminar because you know you'll be able to fuck around all day and not have to do anything real?

It's like I need a day off more than I need to learn how to manage social media presence and utilizing games for the public benefit

Buy new wireless access point for 28 bucks or risk getting fired for walking out of work with a spare that wont be missed....

dirtbag decisions...

Time to install Starcraft and remember why I don't play starcraft

Everytime I sit down to do a race or two I end up watching bullshit speed run historicals and recall how many of the actual runs I was present for in the stream, holy shit destroy this computer

"3 Bodies and a Biscotti"




This is amazing

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Have you ever wanted to read a murder mystery and also pick up some great recipes?

Ladies and Gentlemen and whatever of the Federation, I present to you the most perplexing genre of literature I've yet encountered since entering the library world - "baking fiction:"

One of the highlights of being a gross slob:

When you use a quarter of the cleaning product at once because you don't know what you're doing and it's incredibly wasteful, you still have a two year supply left

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my favourite thing about people complaining about mastodon not being architected in a manner that's friendly to marketers/brands/analytics, is that the people don't realise mastodon might have been designed that way for a reason

Also I'm really bummed about WEC's endurance series, the prototype field really fell apart. Down to four hybrids across two teams now that Audi was sacrificed to the diesel gods and I can't fathom Toyota putting up any kind of fight against Porsche. Maybe the lower classes will have decent racing at least, but I've already got IMSA soooo

Watching Sebring 120 Continental tire challenge and makes me realize how great IMSA (And Indycar) are for putting their on youtube.

Hopefully liberty media will drag F1 into the 21st century in some way other than astronomical budgets.

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@BeansWater I think at least some of them are supposed to leave you alone if you put in your profile?

does anyone know how to make a bot that watches my follows and auto blocks any bots that follow me because that what I want out of bots on mastodon

So all just getting used to this thing and wanted to share my hashtag tell me what you think i just ordered it I didn't make it

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Spend ten minutes turning off telemetry on my master image Windows 10 and now installing updates to to privacy settings for Windows 10

This is not a good sign

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Watching a speedrun retrospective about 10 year old runs of a game that's 19 years old and I'm pretty sure I've reached I've reached peak nerd nostalgia

Also, ZFG does the video and it's really cool:

@lutoma I don't run an instance or anything but thanks for putting that security info out there. A lot of people would have just smirked at the mistakes and felt smug about how smart they are

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