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CNN > Santiago > Qantas > Iraqi Airways > Onur Air > Braathens Regional Aviation > Eurowings > Lufthansa Flight Training > SunExpress Deutschland > Elazığ Airport > National Weather Service > Bureau of Meteorology > Weatherzone > Parramatta Sun > TV Guide (New Zealand) > Auckland > Piha Rescue > Piha > Auckland Region > Otago > Australia > Federal Government of Australia > Front bench > Oireachtas > Lordship of Ireland > Tudor conquest of Ireland > Elizabeth I of England > Henry I of England

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@maximal tu connais l'UPR, le parti qui monte malgré le silence des média ?

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Whenever I click the TOOT! button I yell "Toot-toot, here's comes the content train!" and everyone looks at me like I'm the asshole

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