Remember folks the example case "tragedy of the Commons" is about two landowners, lots of people talk about it like it's a problem with the Commons when really it's a problem of capital and competition. The Commons are fine.

@Ashrand Yeah ! Also it starts with producers being totally unconscious and stupid.

Which is somewhat strange from a science that says that otherwise humans are TOTALLY rational.

The really strange part is that economists who spend their time on research instead of politics already know that. World leaders aren't operating on economics (which is often much more limited in it's pronoucements and aware of human irrationality and unpredictability) they are operating on ideology that presents itself as economics while saying none of the theories need to be proven, or contain evidence, and that they should dictate human drives, rather than describe them.

Tragedy of Two Landowners Fighting Over The Commons was a bit wordy I suppose

@Ashrand I read once that 'The Tragedy of the Commons' is one of the most cited papers of all time, but if you actually read it, there is very little actual research to back it up - it's basically just a thought experiment. For proper research on this subject, the recent Nobel prize winner Elinor Ostrom is worth reading, I have heard.

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