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Funny to think what you want to show off, instead of the good photos i mostly like the one that got photobombed by a pigeon 🤔

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I'm in a quite bad depressive episode so I need some easy, quick recipes with as few ingredients as possible (under seven excluding spices would be great)
If possible vegetarian but it doesn't really matter.
I'd be grateful for any suggestions.

Hitting a nail with a hammer, but every swing ends with a new meadow filled with flowers

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This is your friendly reminder that not only did trans men, trans women, and nonbinary people exist and make contributions all the way back to ancient Sumer and recorded civilization -- but we also often had honored roles in temples and had poetry written about us.

Our modern world has forgotten a lot. Let's remember.

For anyone looking for #skills to learn to be independent or #solarpunk has some great recources you can check out.

valid to be utterly miserable through the whole of winter and then feel like you could defeat god in hand to hand combat without breaking a sweat as soon as the sun comes out

"researchers allowed two simple artificial intelligence algorithms to compete against each other in a setting where they simultaneously set prices and reaped profits accordingly."
I'm not an expert but maybe the danger is not AI but teaching AI "profit & competition über alles".

I wish contributing to open source projects had lower entry barriers (and I say this as someone who already does know how to program)

this is insane (a 256-byte executable that procedurally generates a really good electronic music track):

Deep down this is what we can't let happen: only a tiny percentage of people on this planet are able to create anything. That is a tragedy for all of humanity. The means to create things - writing, music, visual art, interactive things, performance etc - should be easily available to 7+ billion people. Not because of those activities' economic potential, but because they make being a human more bearable. Those are the stakes here.

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Tryin' to sleep but I keep remembering Radio 4 spent 20 minutes talking about the gentrification of second life.

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