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Funny to think what you want to show off, instead of the good photos i mostly like the one that got photobombed by a pigeon πŸ€”

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RSS/ATOM is good.

And the argument that they don't allow tracking and advertising is bullshit because tracking and putting ads in RSS was and is basically still a thing and its fairly easy to track.

RSS/Atom is a pretty nice way to respect users wants to keep track of content [blogs, podcasts, etc] without forcing them to keep your site open at all times. This doesn't mean you can't advertise to them, this doesn't mean you can't track that stuff...


Not all debates are intellectually honest ones to have

If you come in swinging, saying something like "Academics won't let you question whether smoking causes lung cancer"

Maybe that's because the question has been debated, at the highest level, for decades, and the answers and level of confidence are so accessible that even a small amount of research would uncover them

So you're either a boring contrarian who needs to go to the library or you're politically motivated and dishonest


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JuSt Be NiCe To RiCh PeOpLe AnD ThEy WiLl LeT yOu EaT mAyBe

Free concept for any #solarpunk / #tidalpunk writers: landfill mining. Villages settle next to landfills, building their houses out of compressed plastic bricks, burning methane for power, sorting melting and exporting raw materials, and composting the organic material to enrich the land for their food

Not just on land either: one of the world's greatest cultural centers is a floating city at the (former) site of the pacific garbage patch

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Fueled by the insane quality and sharpness of today's cameras and glass, slightly out-of-focus or otherwise technically failed images end up in the trash. Many of them however have artistic value, either in spite of their technical flaw, or even because of it. Let's share some of these images under the tag #badphoto

Under/over exposed images, motion/focus blur, mis-focus, wrong white-balance or bad framing/rotation all fit

#filmcamera #badphoto #photography #mastoart

when i wake up it takes me about 23 hours before i remember how to think

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FOSS take, perrenial Show more

I wish you could be poor and ethical at the same time lmao

Started doing up a bus stop in NMS last night.

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"Kindness is the most punk thing there is" is a sentiment I strongly either agree or disagree with depending on its use

"Our resistance should be based on compassionately providing aid to others" πŸ‘

"Why do you need to tangibly oppose our oppressors when you can just smile at strangers or pay it forward at Starbucks :)" πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

i want more stamina.

i want more focus.

i want to find the right ways, faster.

i want to build things that last for what comes after, not just help people survive.

i want to be better at being us.

i want to be healthier at it.

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