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Funny to think what you want to show off, instead of the good photos i mostly like the one that got photobombed by a pigeon 🤔

dodge rolling at the instant the judge hits the gavel for my sentencing, gaining legal i-frames and avoiding my prison time

@bob @tursiops

making non-centralized alternatives is a good, but, if they are going to persist, we need to consider how they can *become* centralized systems and find ways to engineer solutions that counter those tendencies.

m.s and pawoo are perfect examples of a weakness in the federated model we have here. same as email or xmpp. unless we are careful we could fall into the same trap.

Happy Birthday Peter Kropotkin! Thanks for the anarchism and all of the puns on your name

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Interesting to see that my Corn Salad (also known as Lambs Lettuce) survived the first hard frost. It's not an over wintering lettuce, but clearly can stand some cold. Have picked some for tonights dinner.

#Plants #GrowYourOwn #Gardening

just realized that we are currently in the time loop of mass migration -> eugen getting cancelled

hi! i'm making an essay type thing on the growth of the right due to the internet.

4 subjects:
- the sites that play a role
- what role did the internet have in its growth
- their vocabulary and symbolism
- why can't leftist groups grow like this

i could use any and all input you have for this and i would also love it if you had any sources or anything such as news articles, studies, docus, videos, etc.

please also boost to spread!!! i rly need some help

if four people on .social put #RIPPizzaMan in their bio it would be on the list to the side. just saying

I was near to my own Bed. It pleases me.

— Xugot Gugirushcen, Monster Slayer

im gonna try to do some gardening today... ive gotta tear out some of the grass from the side porch first, and then maybe tomorrow ill force my dad to take me to get some seedlings from the local gardens! it's cool enough out that you can actually work outside

I have to say it's been a surreal experience to finish eating a pizza and find i'm being followed by the entire deep-dish Pan-theon.

If you're on a big instance like masto-social, you may want to consider going over to a smaller instance (you can still follow the same people as you did before, and there's even a simple interface that lets you transfer your following list, etc.)

The local timeline contains just your instance's toots. The federated timeline contains that plus toots from the people that the people you are following follow, allowing you to interact without needing to directly follow others yourself, if you don't want to.

On very big instances, the federated timeline AS WELL AS the local timeline will move too quickly to be able to understand what's going on or interact.

On more specialized, smaller instances, you can still interact with the people you were interacting with before (people you follow), but now you have the ability to follow those timelines and get a better look at the community around you, without being swarmed with toots moving a mile a minute.

anyway if this terrible fucking "feature" makes it into the mastodon code base, we will not be implementing it, it is extremely bad and if anything there needs to be a way to move away from follower counts, because they are bad, toxic, and a dark design pattern

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