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I wish browsers had the option to keep cookies sandboxed to individual tabs.

Oh, hi! Would you like to sign my petition to make the theme from Friends our new national anthem?

Cool that the US Open men’s final is using “America, The Beautiful” instead of the War Theme.

One day I’ll learn to stop eating once I’m full even though more food is still in front of me. That day was not today.

Many layers of nostalgia in this image. It opens up a lot of limbic archeology.

Tim Cook: “Introducing the...iPhone XC!”
Ancient Roman: “Ooooh, the iPhone 90. That must be a really advanced model!”

I have absolutely zero need for this type of audio device, but that is a beautiful piece of tech.

Other thing that debuted on Sept 8th (just like me):

Star Trek: The Original Series (1966)
Star Trek: The Animated Series (1973)
The Super Friends (1973)

I turn 45 years old today. It feels weird to reach this age and not feel old. Maybe I’m in denial.

A lot of developers seem to prefer light text on a dark background. Personally, this is not very readable for me. Dark text and a light background feels much easier on my eyes and improves the readability of the text. I’m curious if the reverse is true for all these developers, or if the dark background with light text is just a trend that (maybe not even a conscious idea to many of these young devs) is just carrying on a L337 mentality of nostalgia for how terminals looked on “real computers”.

Just saw on the feed where someone called Highlander, the TV show from the 90’s, camp. That was not camp. That was awesome.

There can be only one.

Have you seen the commercial with a couple shown aging through the years as the saddest version possible of “We Can Dance” plays?
I have no idea what that is for because I can’t make out the logo through my tears of existential dread.

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I took the day off today (tomorrow, too) and I did absolutely nothing. I highly recommend it to anyone. Get off the productivity treadmill and just chill with your own thoughts.

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