@claudiom I just had my card compromised last week. The thieves were able to use it for a week and put $11,000 of fraudulent charges on it before it was noticed.

@claudiom duh. Just realized you said you did. Faithful to BeOS? Useful software available.

@claudiom I’ve kind of kept up with what is going on with HaikuOS but I’ve never used it. Have you?

@claudiom I used BeOS starting with 4.5. I absolutely loved it. The file system and it’s database-like extendable file attributes was awesome! I guess it just never picked up the user base it needed to take off. It’s a shame.

@claudiom I feel like BeOS was building up to fill a similar niche but died before it achieved it.

@claudiom I was only vaguely familiar with the Amiga back in the day, but I’ve read a lot about them in the past ten years. I’m SO disappointed I missed out on them back then. They were an extremely exciting platform in the 90s.

Just look at this and try to tell me you wouldn’t watch a movie based on the game Joust.

Somewhere out there is a thief who has been living large on my credit card for the past week. Sorry, buddy, you’re now cut off.

I was confronted by a fox this morning on my way to my car. I now know the sound a fox makes, and it is terrifying.

As a Barnes & Noble fan, I wish they would give up on ereaders and tablets and just focus on being a great bookstore.

I wish more traditional roguelikes were available on the iPad.

@Moltz Sounds like too much work. Time to buy a new home.

@ernie I will NEVER forget the Taco Bell chili cheese burrito. It actually made me happy just to see a mention of it.

My new favorite game is “Is It Good Dipped In Queso?”

Listening to people complain about how long it takes to vote and how little respect it shows for their time is some hardcore American privilege.

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