: Is there an open/free source self-hosting instagram alternative?

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#Anonymity is never a property of "anonymized data".

Anonymity is a property of trust, respect, and self-imposed limits on how the data is analysed, cross-referenced, and presented.

In mid-november I had a cva¹. I can't recall much from the time.

I'm recovering/have recovered the use of my right arm and hand. My mental function returned to nominal within a week.

It seems to have been a one-off, likely a strong response to antibiotics and a confluence of circumstances.

¹ CerebroVascular Accident

Feel free to contact me via:
- iMessage
- Keybase Chat¹
- Jabber/XMPP (Ask?)
- Mastodon/Twitter/Other…
- Encrypted²+signed(!) email

Appointment Only
- FaceTime
- Hangouts
- Phone

The above is in order of preference.
¹ I'm keybase.io/angela
² Get my public key from keybase.io/angela or use keybase.io/encrypt#angela

Mom had a cva last week. She is doing well given circumstances, is expected to make full recovery.

Intelligence is attractive, never play stupid.

If all you can see is your own shadow than maybe you're facing the wrong way.

Today's to do list:

Get up
Be quietly awesome
Go back to bed

Feelings aren’t meant to be stuffed down.

Forgiveness can't and won't change the past, but it can enlarge and improve the future.

"No hacker is normal; they only differ in the extent of their madness!"

/nefelibata/ (n) “cloud walker” one who lives in the clouds of their own imagination; one who does not obey conventions.

Never allow talking about doing stuff keep you from doing stuff.

I sometimes purr when happy or soothing myself.

Strangers are just friends whose stories you haven't heard yet.

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