As I've been told so many times, shove something rubbish to the AI, don't expect getting back something good from the AI.

My (close) experience so far with AI-related thing is seeing Facebook efforts, adding unmapped roads to OpenStreetMap. They used machine learning to detect them, and without human intervention, yeah, generally, it's steaming piles of poo.

Taxis can be any color in the US. Because of movies, I too have defaulted into expecting yellow taxis. This does prove that cultural consideration needs to be thought out when serving these CAPTCHAs. I wonder how many Americans would successfully unlock a CAPTCHA if they had to choose exit signs from Street View images in Germany, Québec, or Spain.


Cannot agree more. In fact, in said blog post, an American outside New York City commented out the fact.

And also it doesn't help that not every American TV shows and films would feature someone hailing a taxi.

Good point on street signs as well, although so far it seemed like Google would serve Interstate-specific signs (I might be so wrong).

That would be great if they had you choose "Select a picture of Colorado" and the selections were state highway signs of various states. 😂

@AkuAnakTimur @StampedingLonghorn Mark all the signs that point to the quaint German town of Ausgang! :D
@StampedingLonghorn it has been too long since I last drove through a german speaking area :(
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