Oh brain why you like this...

I'm so going to the bed when suddenly there's this sudden rush of typing mania. Need to jot down this inspiration but yeah


Good night everyone from GMT+8.

After servers being constantly blocked by #Instagram all the time, the frontend #Bibliogram is being discontinued. Users might as well migrate to the fediverse, but unfortunately you'll be stuck on Instagram to see posts from anyone you'd like on there. The source code will still remain up.

From the Reddit post (through teddit):

From the official matrix channel by cadence, the founder of Bibliogram:

Hi everyone, I'm discontinuing Bibliogram.

I'm doing this because I just don't want to work on it anymore. It's very depressing because I'm working against a hostile system and a hostile company, and not very rewarding since I do not personally care about anyone/anything on Instagram. It's a chore that Instagram is continuously and actively trying to stop me from doing. I have been thinking about this for a couple of weeks.

There will maybe be one more commit for personal use and one more commit that public instances can use to display a discontinued message and remove user lookup functionality. Bibliogram can still be used to view individual posts, which is pretty cool, so having it as just a post viewer will be its future - until that breaks too.

Bibliogram is still really good code to work on if anybody wants to try to fix collecting the data from Instagram. You can write a new function (or edit an existing one) in collectors.js to make an upstream request, and then you can parse the response using whatever you want, and return a User structure. You're welcome to maintain a fork if you fix this, but if you plan to upload your fork to GitHub, please also edit the readme. (While you're at it, I'd suggest a name change to reduce the risks of legal action - Bibliograph is a name that's been floating in my head for a while that you can use if you'd like.)

I have not received any legal demands and there are no legal restrictions on Bibliogram or its code besides the AGPL license.

It's been two and a half years. This is now a mourning chatroom. Thanks for the fun, and pour one out for Bibliogram.

Bummy news. Does anyone know of any alternative to use RSS with Instagram?


?????? You can't create a set data then release it under a very liberal license, from a very likely copyrighted material.

I know, copyrights suck...

Probably getting a Fairphone 4 (with a spare battery) from a friend, (still?) living in Europe. But yeah, I will wait until 5G is a thing over here first...

I'll wait until 5G is available over this so-nowhere-land in my country...

Then, "do you want a thin phone?"

*TRS port is removed*

Now, "mehhhh it's an obsolete thing... wireless are better"

Ahh... why don't we make more electronic waste with wireless headphones... the box, now more recyclable simply doesn't cut it

Incognito probably is Alphabet/Google-speak for "we're gonna track you somehow, but we're not gonna say how"

update: rooted my nokia and got telekram running on it. able to modify source code and sideload new apps.

so far just changed the name to TeleKram PLUR

"Yeah, what a surprise. Users of a doxxing and harrassment site will subject to doxxing and harrassment?"

That comment ended with "sorry for your loss" with "/s"

MS Teams only works fully with Chrome. It doesn't even work correctly with Chromium. Thanks Microsoft.

Live-booting #postmarketos on Xiaomi Pocophone F1. If you want to test postmarketOS, you don't need to flash the rootfs. Instead you could boot into the system via netboot, just like a Live USB.

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