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First IBM PC virus "Brain" celebrates its 35th birthday today!🦠💾🎂🎉

Welp. Movement Control Order aka stricter lockdown for my state will begin this Friday…

Happy birthday, Wikipedia 🎉

Wikipedia turned 20 years old on January 15, 2021!

Wikipedia has contributed to free and widely available knowledge like probably no other platform. Showing the world the true power of collaboration on the open internet and what a great cooperating community is capable of. ❤️

#wikipedia #Wikipedia20 #education #knowledge

My daily phone is showing its age. Turned off most Google services, yet still I might be lucky if the battery would even last beyond 24 hours. Battery replacement is impossible because I need to get it from China (IIRC it's not worth the hassle)…

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Got a used Mi A3 for real cheap and yes, I don't think I would ever purchase a Xiaomi device in the near future…

We’re all familiar with free libraries, right? Meet free blockbuster video. Perfect for dropping burned DVD’s that you torrented off the innerwebs into, I mean, erm donating your legitimately purchased movies you not longer watch now that streaming has become a thing.

Welcome to the Fediverse, @caarlos0!

Fediverse, say hello to Carlos! Author of GoReleaser, #golang dev and opensource contributor. Click that "Follow" button, you probably won't regret it 😉

other countries:
hmmmm what should we put on our bank notes. how about this famous dude


The best date for me isn't YYYY-MM-DD, but Medjoul. 😅

Work this week: we'd switch to Telegram sooner.

Group of distant friends yesterday: this group is now on Signal.

Other people, in the near future: are you on WhatsApp? I can contact you through WhatsApp.

Penang, Selangor, Malacca and the Federal Territories are back into lockdown for two weeks starting this Wednesday.

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ICU beds in 5 Malaysian states are at least 70% occupied. The Kuala Lumpur Hospital is at 100% due to the virus…

TIL older school Chinese food restaurants in Korea deliver food with actual plastic plates meant to be returned. They also hire their own staff to do the delivery and retrieval. After eating you set the plates outside your door in a bag and they come pick it up. This was already normal way before most other delivery food got popular, so it's ingrained to the point where modern delivery apps (like Baedal Minjok) accommodate it and let restaurants elect to use their own staff and do this

Of course when you tried to record a website on Firefox's private browsing mode (Android), it's just simply pitch black… 🤣

*the default option for any screen capture on private browsing mode is “disallowed” to the point that anything won't even show on the Recents screen

Interesting, the university* freely provided for its staffs and students to access the internet seamlessly using a nationwide public Wi-Fi service** via VPN.

Caveat: if the area has good coverage.

*perks being an expensive but prestige ones
**paid service but it's free for subscribers of UK's BT broadband services


Facebook knew people wouldn't simply switch away from WhatsApp... so why not make more gains 😡

*to communicate includes things that might involve labour exchange. Oh well.

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