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Yay, my eye glasses came in today! No more double vision, awesome. The only frames i can afford are the super basic hipster black ones but at least those are in style so that's cool too.🤓

Feels good seeing pixelfed timeline full of photos and not screenshots of twitter jokes. #FuckFuckJerry

@SilentNoise hmm.. must have been typing too fast lol. Meanwhile, we have reached a great #milestone, 2 million (and then some) #Mastodon #users! Yeah!!!

2 million Mastodon accounts!?! 😎🎈🎉

Windows 9 isn't the first time Microsoft skipped a version number - In the early days, they skipped over MS-UNO and went straight to MS-DOS!

I'm kind of uncomfortable with reddit being invested by a Chinese company that is known for silencing criticism of their products.

I've looked at Prismo, it's promising.

Why don't they make the ship out of the iceberg.

I'm going to stop signing up for so many streaming sites and just buy the tv shows and movies. I'm not a frequent enough watcher of new shows and movies to justify the cost.

plus, i like the idea that if things ever get financially rough i could cancel my internet and still have access to entertainment.

I'm thinking about getting a Mac. I don't like Windows but Linux doesn't cut it for me.

Is there a hosting site up like with ? Would be pretty cool.

Crap, now I got Sweet Victory stuck in my head. I blame /r/bikinibottomtwitter

Oh wow, tootdon looks amazing when you swap the theme to mastodon. I regret avoiding it for this long! Nice iPad version too.

Ugh, I can’t wait for my glasses to come in. I can’t see shit. It’s been so long since I’ve seen properly.🤓

ok, so on desktop i've replaced my bookmarks bar websites to Mastodon, PixelFed, and PeerTube. Let's see what else i can add from the fediverse...

1999: so what is it like to use computers in 2019?

me: we combined email servers and bulletin boards together and made everyone get rid of those fucking signatures

1999: so it's better?

me: people show their ass when they feel like it so I guess

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