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I do feel like I follow the perfect amount of people on here, at least. Not too much, and if I remember correctly, only interesting people.

But, with my IT Bachelor's degree slowly coming to an end, and me hopefully getting a job in IT the next few days, there might actually be a bit more things to toot on here...
Writing "toot" feels weird. I've been gone for too long.

First things first
Is anyone actually still following me? Haven't been on here for 5 months, after all.

Now and then I google something about Zelda, find the exact same question, answered, in some forum...
Asked by myself, 3-5 years ago.

Oof Anaconda just sucks. Only had problems with it, from the get go.

Got a new piece to learn for the piano when I'm done with exams
SO beautiful

Help, why does, for example, the snow leave traces when moving the camera?
Happens everywhere, not just in-game, with other programs as well.

A variation of FEN, that is. Not chess, but Death Stacks.

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Kinda really proud, I knew virtually no Haskell 10 hours ago, and now I wrote a """Bot""" that takes a FEN string and returns all possible FEN strings after doing different moves.

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Been haskell-ing the last 8(?) hours, REJOICE!!

The female klingon "chancellor", planning on uniting all the klingon houses, just asked everyone to refer to her as "mother".
How obvious can a Merkel reference be

And done
Tastes really interesting, earl grey like, but still definitely gin! For someone who doesn't normally like the taste of pure gin, this is nice.
Next imma try making cocktails with it.

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Earl Grey infused Gin
WIP, gotta leave it like this for a few hours and then sift it

Nevermind there's a nightly build. Let's see _how_ unstable this is..

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I had the 32 bit version of python installed, so I had to upgrade. Had problems with PATH and pip, but solved them. Reinstalled some pip things. Took ages.
And NOW it turns out TensorFlow does not work with Python 3.7 and I have to downgrade?!

Exams -- this is gonna be shit 

Homework dues:
7.2. "Logic"
13.2. "Software techniques and programming paradigms"
18.2. "Scientific Computing"

20.2. "Computability and Complexities"
22.2. "Logic"
27.2. "Scientific Computing"
1.3. "Software techniques and programming paradigms"
18.3. Cognitive Algorithms

All a bit crammed

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