GUI for some style transfer implementation 

This is going very ok. Not very fancy, but works great so far.
It detects what images have been synthesized already,
I can select them on the left,
Display the sources and result in various sizes in the middle,
And see the arguments that were used.

Help, why does, for example, the snow leave traces when moving the camera?
Happens everywhere, not just in-game, with other programs as well.

And done
Tastes really interesting, earl grey like, but still definitely gin! For someone who doesn't normally like the taste of pure gin, this is nice.
Next imma try making cocktails with it.

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Earl Grey infused Gin
WIP, gotta leave it like this for a few hours and then sift it

At this point I actually wish Disney would buy the franchise and just recon everything
But not before JK Rowling let's dozens of other authors have a go at it, who each write multiple weird books, which all make little sense when put together.

is apparently a thing, so here we go. Thanks to Wallpaper Engine that background is animated (and I love it)

Finally back at making homemade pizza again.
Bit experimental.
Used to do this twice a week. Let's bring it back.
(Put loads of cheese and green pesto on it, but here you can see the toppings)

(Ignore Snaptext, don't have original anymore.)

You get up, go outside, first thing to do is pet the cat

If I had a buck for every time someone asked what this lockscreen pic was

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