omg the beholders in Celeste suck sooooo much, who thought of this shit? It's so very frustrating, in an otherwise very good game....

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@AVBodge (im gonna assume you’re talking about seekers)
haha i thought the same on my first playthrough, but then Chapter 9 came *stares into the void*

@cpsdqs Chapter 9 (the core, right) was pretty ok. Only died 400 times lmao

@AVBodge hahaha
that’s chapter 8
Chapter 9: Farewell

@cpsdqs Oh yeah that I just started. That intro tho, holy hell

@AVBodge i diffed against, seems they made a bunch of screens a lot easier after complaints

still hard though, not sure if im ever gonna be able to complete this without assist mode lmao

@cpsdqs Ah, good to know, I'm on
I didn't need assist mode (yet), but I turned off screen shaking and turned flashing sensitive mode on.

Also needed a guide for a couple screens in Farewell... That bullshit screen with the springs lmao

@AVBodge ah are you talking about the top left key

yeah i just uhm

gave up and skipped the door using a secret path i found when looking through it in assist mode lmao

@cpsdqs oh with the jellies? Nah I meant long before that. I'm actually at the room you mean right now. Very frustrating.

@AVBodge ohh

pro tip: press down to fall quickly, you’ll need it (though not anymore on that screen in

@cpsdqs Huh, I'm not sure we're talking about the same screen. I got the key and it just bubbled me down. Upper left of the room with the 4 keys.

@AVBodge welp guess i’m confused

dw though this is the easy part

I meant this part
(including randomly fitting background music, the OST gets boring after 400 deaths, if not long before that)
((also reedited and reposted for better looping because I'm pedantic like that))

@cpsdqs Oh. You mean the hidden 5th key in the upper left? That impossible to find one? .... Oh.

@AVBodge 400 deaths? lol ive got 2000 deaths in this chapter so far lmao

wow okay and here i was trying to fit through that tiny gap between the two floating rocks

@cpsdqs Oh probably a lot more than 400, just some random number

@cpsdqs I fear I might have to give up on the DLC
Got to the second door, for which you need all (?) crystal hearts... damn that's tough.

@cpsdqs oh shit, I'll try that
(Only watched the dash, don't wanna get spoilerd on the rest)

@AVBodge tbf this is a skip meant for speedruns; i’d highly recommend you play old site b-side and summit b-side first

@cpsdqs oof how did you do it, I'm not fast enough apparently

it actually uses a mechanic taught just after the door in this chapter (minor spoilers i guess?) 

@AVBodge hold right, dash, wait until madeline’s hair is white, hold jump, dash down-right, jump immediately after hitting the ground

it actually uses a mechanic taught just after the door in this chapter (minor spoilers i guess?) 

@cpsdqs YES I did it, thenko!

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