So yeah I use Linux now
Got Manjaro as a Desktop, and use it almost as much as Windows.
Also an ubuntu server distro for some deep learning shit, was easier to install and run things on there.

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I guess I just do a lot of things that are more difficult to do or install on Windows. Especially dev-ing.
I say while actually coding on Windows again. Bad habits die hard.

@AVBodge @cpsdqs god dont use delete and redraft PLEASE its so bad
(i literally didnt see any typo there)

@piggo @cpsdqs Had to rephrase a few things there, felt repetitive.

@AVBodge @cpsdqs sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh you're such perfectionist

@AVBodge @piggo well im glad someone appreciates orthography and good style

@piggo @cpsdqs (didn't HAVE to redo that one, but felt appropriate)

@cpsdqs @AVBodge because mr gargoyle stubbornly refuses to implement post amending i guess
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