Over 3 years ago, I released a bodgy demo of a bodgy recreation of a Zelda game
From time to time, I still get messages about it, and that feels great.

Really helpful for creating playlists with songs with a specific property, in my case for running at good bpm.
Don't know why Spotify doesn't include a feature like this by default...

Spotify Web API is ok, was able to export a json of all my saved songs with a selection of song properties and audio features, and put it into a filterable excel sheet.

Starting a proper job next week, and I gotta use the company's MacBook
I never coded on a MacBook
This is gonna need adjusting..

Deichkind (the German Die Antwoord) released their new album today
And damn it's good, I love it so much
perfect for running
(Instrumentals available as well)

omg the beholders in Celeste suck sooooo much, who thought of this shit? It's so very frustrating, in an otherwise very good game....

Endorsement, not sponsored lol 

GUI for some style transfer implementation 

GUI for some style transfer implementation 

OK so since I now, or in the next week, actually do get a proper job, and have to build PROPER Web Apps...
What's the best way to make a best looking and responsive UI, very simple?

GUI for some style transfer implementation 

I really don't wanna stop for today already. Made so much progress, and there's still a lot of stuff to do...
Guess it'll be a long night.

I love my profile pic so much I want it painted and put onto a wall lol
I'm not even vain I just REALLY like the style

So yeah I use Linux now
Got Manjaro as a Desktop, and use it almost as much as Windows.
Also an ubuntu server distro for some deep learning shit, was easier to install and run things on there.

Made a quick n simple Bash Menu thingy with fields and selectables..
I think i'll go for a proper GUI tho

I do feel like I follow the perfect amount of people on here, at least. Not too much, and if I remember correctly, only interesting people.

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