What a great day to be me!

Everyone, please get your 420 on...for the love of all that's good and high and holy.

has RETURNED! ()

Boost if you remember watching MST3K when it originally aired on in the early 90s!

Extra points if 1) you spent Turkey Day marathoning MST3K or 2) you were a card-carrying member of the MST3K fan club (like me).

Acid jazz bossa nova is a much clearer description of and its "Skiptracing" album...can't believe that easy wording failed me before. ah well.


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How did I not know/obsess about and "Chapel Perilous" before today?!


The entire album Skiptracing is - almost screwed/chopped jazz/bossa nova! Like...WTF?!

Also, I wrote about the gentrification of weed yesterday. Artisanal chocolate edibles really pair nicely with systemically racist drug enforcement. waxy.org/2017/04/the-portlandi

It's incredible how well Nine Inch Nail's "Broken" EP holds up after 25 years!

Acute Effects of LSD on Amygdala Activity During Processing of Fearful Stimuli

(submitted by dpflan)

In other news, Mastodon-the-band keep talking about my project and I don't know how to process this, it's just too amazing twitter.com/mastodonmusic/stat Damn, if they decided to start an instance... What would they even be called. So many instances are already called mastodon XD

Will toot for brapples, flurbos or schmeckles (no longer accepting blemflarcks)

@danharmon Following the goings on in RAM 301, are plans for the Galactic Federation instance cancelled? If so, is a Planet Squanch instance on the horizon?

Also, are you the lil potato that came up with the gem "I'm gonna go take a shit"?

As you settle into Mastodon, be sure to learn the lingo:
- "toot": a tweet
- "tusking": starting a pointless fight with another user
- "woolly": going viral, as in "wow, that toot really went woolly"
- "extinction event": when a whole instance goes down

@TimeSnow I am intentionally holding back my comments about the real world and all of its politics while I am here, because most people seem to want nothing to do with it on Mastodon. We are here to have fun and explore the possibilities of federation, a live chat stream, and a budding community!

Mastodon First Impressions 

If Nonagon Infinity opens the door, Murder of the Universe will erase the concept of doors. Or something else cool. youtu.be/cjdwHfMCXEI


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