@007 I'm so glad that funko pops all look kind of shabby in reality so if your 3D model is kind of shabby no one will notice anyways

aka-san.halcy.de/3D/eugopop6.b anyways here's the .blend file if anyone wants to mess with it I'm now going to bed like i should have an hour ago instead of speedsculpting this

p.s. blenders sculpting tools are, as far as I, having used nothing else ever can tell, Good Now

@007 had to pick a number, might as well go with a good one

also I only learned this later but apparently funko pops are not sequentially numbered like nendoroids so idk what is with the number actually

@halcy @007 I had to check it out and supposedly it's the mold number on a given line (e.g. Mastodon line, apparently).

Which I guess would be kinda useful when comparing two toys of the same character of the same line since if they have different numbers you know they're supposed to have different shapes even if you'll be damned if you can tell how b/c Funko Pop.

But the number shouldn't change for paintjobs so it's not as helpful as it could be.

@halcy @007 if that's not real, someone put a lot of time and effort into this.

@halcy @007 i'm tagging @Gargron here, because this is so fucking cool

@micrackbiron it's a render, real quick sculpt -> autoretopo -> autounwrap -> tex paint -> pose, all in blender + a template edited in gimp for the box

aka-san.halcy.de/3D/eugopop6.b you can have a look at the model if you like (with blender 2.81 or later blender.org/download/ ), though it is a very shabby and unpolished one

@micrackbiron This is a 3D model, though, to open the .blend file you would need blender. I used gimp only for some texture editing (for the box and to put the extremely misaligned grid over the shirt)

@007 glad you enjoy it

if you (or anyone else reading this) wants to get into blender to get better at making high effort shitposts like this I wholly recommend it, blender 2.8 what came out start of the year is a really good release with many amazing features and there's a very good beginner tutorial here: youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjE

@halcy i will def have to look into that, thanks!

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