watching closely for bad dragon references in mr regular's videos

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god imagine having normie world discover you were a furry how horrifying

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@007 "2006 Nissan Murano: how much of it can you fit in your ass before you speed-dial 9-1-1"

@breakfastgolem "he wants to get caught and have to explain what furaffinity is"

@007 "For the man who doesn't shave his balls because he can explain to his IRC roleplayer pals that he's always 'in character.'"

@007 I GUAR-ON-TEH you Mr. Regular is friends with at least one furry. Pretty sure Roman wears a spirit hat when he does his intro recordings.

@007 He gave the world the wonderful phrase "frotting with an N64 controller."

@007 My ONE worry about Mr. Regular is that he might turn out to be a cryptoconservative like Tavarish or Hoovie (or maybe DeMuro). It would destroy me a bit.

@007 Well, Tavarish definitely is. He owns a far right-wing domain that hosts awful content and is pretty cavalier about it, though supposedly he just buys domains and doesn't give a shit about what they host unless they make him money. And I'm speculating about Hoovie to be honest but he has a fucking border patrol truck which is :yikes:

@breakfastgolem ughughhh what is it with semi-famous onliners and being dreadful

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