fuck what recipes say, measure garlic with your heart

@SallyStrange i dunno, probably for cowards who might cower and say "that's too much"

@007 the only answer to "how much garlic" is "fucking lots of it"

@007 If a recipe calls for only one clove of garlic, the recipe is simply wrong, unless it is a recipe for "how to cook one clove of garlic", in which case it is still wrong.

@gcupc @007

well you see "how to cook one clove of garlic" is a subrecipe of "how to cook an entire bulb of garlic", so, I mean

baby steps

@gcupc in which case sneak another in there

@007 If you ain't at least doubling it, you're doing it wrong.

@418 me, melting metal with my breath: this is fine

@007 When they say 'use a clove' they mean use a bulb, unless it's a British recipe in which case they mean use two bulbs.

@007 yes! if you don’t vaporise a vampire at 20 paces, what’s the use?

@gekitsu if you're not decimating the undead after mealtime you're doing it wrong

@007 exactly! who can count on always having a functioning cleric on hand when encountering the undead? put your trust in #allnatural #herbal solutions!

@007 *smacks roof of heart* I can fit so much garlic in this bad boy.

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