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boutique (idiot aspect) @007

hey people of twitter who just crosspost to mastodon in an attempt to increase their audience: did you know you can interact with people on mastodon?? i know!!!!!!!!!!! amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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@007 no i never interact with people on mastodon what is mastodon is that a horse

@007 my fans beg me to interact, but i will never give in to their desires

@007 I'm reluctantly unfollowing people who do that.

I'm fine with people crossposting from Twitter as long as they don't crosspost their RT. There is nothing more annoying that seeing unreadable posts with "RT" everywhere.

@007 that feature can be used for harassment

@007 I do it mostly the other way around. Does that make it any better :-)

@007 if only there were more of them here...

@007 I mean I just started really using it today but I don't really know who to talk to on here 😅 Wish more of my Twitter following were on here..

@paul i would highly recommend browsing the federated timeline and just following accounts that appear interesting. i could also recommend a few, if you'd like?

@007 yes sure go ahead! Would be very interested in suggestions :)

@paul i would highly recommend

and honestly a whole load who i very much enjoy talking with but my memory's too bad to remember their usernames

hope this helps!

@007 Thanks - followed all those I wasn't already, too.