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*extremely youth pastor voice* the lord's 🙏 bussy 😩 is poppin 😎 🍆 💦

I managed to get invited into a real Men Going Their Own Way server, wrote "damn I'm such a Chad" and they banned me

@007 friendship ended with [Doom door sound effect]
Now [Serious Sam Kamikaze scream] is my best friend

[realtor voice] there's, uh, one problem with this house... you see, pee is stored in the walls,

friendship ended with [series of crashing noises]
now [awful shrieking] is my best friend

having someone suck ur dick with a loofah in their mouth is called exfollatio

Hello, My Name Is Java Sunmicrosystems, And You Might Remember Me From Such Films As "3 Billion Devices Can't Be Wrong" and "Researchers Find Critical Vulnerability in Java 7 Patch Hours After Release"

how many levels of irony are we, collectively, as a social network, on

artist: here's a widdle doodle i did in like ten minutes or so uwu

For some reason I’m imagining this like a disembodied dick

I mean, I can’t believe I didn’t make this five years ago lol

i hope you've all enjoyed this installment of Local Idiot Laughs At Own Jokes

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