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me, standing half a mile away from a 200ft tall computer that grew out of my lawn: hmm, bad

one of these days the register will post an article that doesn't include the word "boffins"

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at Big Social HQ:
> we need to moderate social media because law and decency
< ok, but we can't hire humans for it because humans make mistakes
< so instead we'll teach a machine our biases, so it never makes mistakes
> what if our biases are part of the problem
< *has already left for the golf course*

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@garbados @rysiek
The pinboard fella had a quote that machine learning is "morality laundering". You get to claim your AI is neutral and not racist/etc because ✨algorithms✨

Train it with racist/etc decisions, and the same decisions come out the other side but now they're not racist/etc!

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A new site for people who want to protect their #privacy online, but who aren't that into technology:


It only covers sites and apps that most people need and can use.

Let me know what you think, any feedback welcome, positive or negative.

If you like it, please feel free to share the link, spread the word etc.

I've tried to make switching.social as simple and easy to use as possible.

#DeleteFacebook #DeleteGoogle #ReplaceFacebook

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to whomst'd've y'all who are concerned,

somebody's notifications: *are empty*

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@envgen I felt a bit weird about having people helping me out without being able to thank. So I made an account. Thank you, friends of jam. Will they see this? Will they know I am thankful? Is that how Mastodon works? I tried

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do you want to help a queer enby of colour win a rap contest??

well now you can!!

shonalika has entered their first rap into a contest and needs 50 votes to qualify for some silly reason. i know right, but i dont make the rules. anyway you can help by voting (and why not listen to the rap while you're there, it's good 👍)

(cw its about chronic pain)


extremly thank

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> MaaStodon is entirely hosted in Europe, using European services, and therefore not bound by U.S. law.

fixed my most important selling point