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boutique (idiot aspect)

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Tidyman's Carpets - the deep shag that really satisfies.

anyway patreon is what you get when you feed eevee money

Are french paleontologists also called dinoisseurs?

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They say if you open 5 Mastodon tabs and post "bloody mary bloody mary bloody mary", Lance Ulanoff appears behind you and says Mastodon is dead

why does tootdon have to send toots and access tokens quietly to an external server when it's one of the best fedi clients

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developers, please for the love of everyone's sanity, when you're implementing APIs to shuttle data between systems, make sure error messages are passed cleanly so people don't get endless wait spinners and an eventual, unhelpful timeout error

Please remember that there are also more alternatives for the Fediverse than GNU Social, Mastodon and Pleroma. You should take a look at and, both are very interesting projects!

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