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everyone on android pls do yourself a favor and install newpipe, via the f-droid package manager. it's a free youtube and soundcloud player with no ads, background playback, and full video/audio downloading
it stopped working on my phone until the latest release fixed it, and those few months w/o it made me realize how great it is.

i am a:
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We were not meant to gaze upon the face of the divine

me: look at this cute fennec

fennec: E̶̮̳͍̣̱̜͎̞͟Ę̰͜E̺̬̰̤͖̥͍̳̦͘E̯̲̞̖͠E̵̫̜E̛͔̼̳̞̹̺̝̘E̵̹̼̤͈̫̝̹E̵̸̛̻̱̻E̩̩̳̕͞E̵̶̖̗̻̘Ḛ͙͘ͅE̶̸͏͚͓̱E̡̙̗͉͠E̻̯̲̝̳͎͘ͅ

me: haha yes adorable

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my ability to convince my employer that I'm even vaguely competent may have just run out

i own a stovepipe hat and fake beard that i use just for voting fraud purposes

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