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this account is sadposts from now on. unfollow if you don't want to see them.

weird how life is worse after 30. I mean, things start to sag, you get fat and irrelevant

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hi welcome to mastodon it turns out "we don't have nazis here" isn't a sustainable sales pitch (also some instances have nazis on them)

apparently people are joining Mastodon from Twitter again hmmmm 🤔

hi! please enjoy your stay! however, despite what the advertising wants you to believe, mastodon is nothing like twitter

it's better!

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welcome 2 mastodon we got

-more genders than pi's got decimals
-actually good features
-if you screencap messages and repost them you get zapped with lazers

@007 I take a picture with the ducks in the park. I tag @jk. I caption it "look at my quackers" and press send. Snapchat erupts with crackles of avian plastma and the servers overheat

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