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Just saw someone opt in to a TSA body scanner.

@troubleMoney@mastodon.sociaI It's not about being offended, it's about being able to use the site. If your feed is 90% things you can't read the site is less useful to you, a filter of languages you can read helps improve usability.

Jawbreaker reunion at riot fest holy shit

Just got an out of the blue email from someone asking if I'd be open to open to receiving an introductory email from them.

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Which Mastodon Instance is for PVP?

Heading into a double feature: Ghost In The Shell & Fate of the Furious!

@brownmattb No, you have to create a new account on the new instance

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Some Japanese call Mastodon as "鱒丼",That means bowl of rice topped with trout sashimi.
It's because "鱒丼" is pronounced "masudon" and Japanese pronunciation is similar to Mastodon.

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@fry good move. That's trouble waiting to happen.

@strypey If you are not using Mastodon then you are not a Mastodon user, it's pretty simple math. a million new GNUSocial users isn't a mllion new Mastodon users, even if they can talk to each other.

@strypey No, you just refuse to accept what I'm saying because you are too hung up on federation. My comments are about mastodon scaling. If I have a 1 br apartment and they build a condo next door that holds 500 people who I can talk to, that don't mean my apartment now holds 501 people.